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Best Mat Cutter

A mat cutter is a specific tool that is designed mainly for formatting or the cutting of the cardboard mat. Artists use these cutters as an essential tool in their studios which allows them to mount easily. They are also used to mount art pieces. 

A mat is a high-density paper product that comes in archival and in several varieties. Designs on the mat can also be made which includes pictures on the mat which make the mat so unique.

 Generally, the mat comes as a large sheet that must be cut down according to the size of a room with a mat cutter. There are several mat cutter designs. Now, electronic cutters are also available which makes cutting easy and substantial. A mat with two blade options is considered the best mat cutter


There are a lot of designs for cutting mats. Every design has its specifications. Some of the best cutters of the mat with their special features are described in the next section. They are:

  • Logan mat cutter 
  • Computerized mat cutter
  • Dexter mat cutter 
  • Logan 450-1 artist elite mat cutter 
  • Logan compact classic model 301-1
  • Logan 4000 deluxe handheld mat cutter 

Logan Mat Cutter

Firstly, this cutter is excellent for cutting mats. It is available at almost $200 which is quite reasonable. It is large enough to control 32×40 mat boards and foam core with borders each with 6″. This is best for artwork up to 20×30 in size. It handles 4-ply mat boards and ⅛” and 3/16″ foam boards. 

It can only be used by those persons who have good practice to handle this. Some people claim it to be junk but if you have practice and know how to use this then this is the perfect cutter. This main cutter cuts the mat straight finely. 

But if you want to make this more efficient then you have to spend more money on this to buy a good one. But if you have to cut a small number of mats then this Logan cutter is perfect to use. It can be managed easily. 

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Computerized Mat Cutter

This cutter has different brands and their specifications and price vary according to their design and brand. Gunnar 601 RS has two cutting heads. Mats with multiple productions can be cut with a 90° straight angle with a perfect professional square edge. 

It has the benefit that due to its two cutting heads it saves time and cuts perfectly. It cuts mat with very small wastage. It has split clamping zones so that you can also cut separately which is utilized by a single operator. It doesn’t take much time because you have to set it just once. There is no need to change its setting every time. 

The blade which is specified for the cutter can be changed in seconds. This is mainly designed for picture frames. It has two cutting heads with 45° and 90° angles. Maximum usage allows it a minimum waste. It can cut formats up to 1560×1030 mm and can also cut American jumbo boards. 

Dexter Mat Cutter 

This cutter is very easy to handle and use. It’s one main specification is that it fits in the hand easily. Its blades are super sharped and side smoothly along a straight edge for the best cut. These blades need to be set to extend ⅛ of an inch. 

For clean-cut put scrap board or cardboard under the mat. It is very useful for beginners to learn to mat and can also be used in art class. Blades are very easy to adjust and install. 

While using this cutter these things are necessary i.e. dexter mat cutter, straightedge, sharp blade, acid-free tape, matboard, photograph or artwork, ruler. 

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Logan 450-1 Artist Elite Mat Cutter

It is assessed as an ideal mat cutter for artists. Its cutting capacity is about 40 inches making it perfect for all projects. This cutter consists of a baseboard, a hinging guide rail, a parallel guide in aluminum channels, a 20-inch removable measuring bar, production stops, and a squaring bar. 

Parallel mat board setting is very important for its proper functioning. It has a squaring bar which ensures the mat board to be square. The aluminum mat guide helps this to be straight if it does not hold as square. 

It has five additional blades. This cutter is ideal for thick boards instead of thin mat boards. 

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Logan Compact Classic Model 301-1

This tool is of large capacity precision that skillfully creates professional beveled mats for all kinds of framing projects. It consists of an instruction manual, a straight-cut knife, a bevel cutter, a cutting board, and a mat guide. It allows you to set border widths ranging from 1.9cm (¾”) to 11cm (4-5/16″).

 It also has a start and stops indicator and mat knife for straight cuts. If we consider it general, this is ideal for low-volume cutting tasks, preferably for DIY framing projects. Sometimes it is tricky to use. It has a built-in carry handle in its box. This has five additional blades.

 It is available at very reasonable prices and is the best product for hobby photographers. It has a standard thickness which is 4-ply mat boards. 

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Logan 5000 Deluxe Handheld Mat Cutter 

This is the advanced handheld mat cutter consisting of a bar system that allows faster marking. Pivot and pull blade coupled with the ergonomic handle made this butter time saver and easy to use. The blade slot in this cutter is made to prevent blade flex giving you straight and sharp edges.

 The start and stop indicator in this is very factual and prevents it from over-cutting. The blade which is used in this is Logan 270 blade. You can use this handheld cutter with photographs, foam boards, craft paper, and mat boards. This product is best for amateurs and first-timers. 

This is a reasonable and branded mat cutter. It can measure 3.5×8×8 inches which makes it portable and lightweight. It cannot cut more than a 4-ply mat board with a 45° bevel using this cutter. Conclusion

These mat cutters are the best quality cutters and are available in markets at reasonable prices. Every cutter has its specifications and importance. These cutters are the best company products. Each type of mat is available. For every single purpose, there is a separate cutter i.e. for art framework, for photographs, for amateurs, etc. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do mat cutters work?

Every mat cutter is specified for a special purpose. Like, a computerized mat cutter is ideal for American jumbo boards and works according to its needs. 

Which Logan mat cutter is right?

Logan 450-1 artist elite mat cutter is suitable and durable for thick and thin cutting of mats. A fully hinged guide rail and parallel guide in aluminum channels make this cutter perfect for all mats. 

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