The Best Outdoor Doormats in 2022

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The outdoor doormat’s primary function is to take dirt and moisture from shoes and hold onto them so that this dirt doesn’t create a mess in the house. Also, doormats provide the perfect finishing touch to your entrance and give a great look. 

Doormats with feature heavy-duty bristles or raised weaves are considered best for removing mud and dirt. Most people want mats that can handle heavy scraping. Always choose those mats whose cleaning is easy. 

Mostly they are made up of synthetic materials including acrylic, nylon, polyester, or man-made polypropylene. 

These outdoor doormats are popular because of their durability and affordability. Outdoor doormats should be replaced every two years or even more frequently. 

Types Of Doormat

Mainly, there are three main types of outdoor doormats which are scraper mats for trapping the large debris. Another one is wiper/scraper mats for trapping the small debris and absorbing water. 

The last one is wiper mats for fine dust and shoe drying. The combination of all these outdoor doormats will create the best protection system for floors. 

Best Outdoor Doormat For Dogs

Doormats for dogs are very essential as these prevent the spilling of food and water all over. While buying doormats for dogs make sure that it is durable and can absorb much liquid. These mats are also helpful in removing dust particles from your shoes while entering the house. 

While choosing doormats for dogs consider some important factors in mind. They should be durable and reliable. 

Four important factors should be in your mind that are material, durability, absorption power, and a non-slip bottom. 

Keep in mind that mats made up of microfiber and rubber are suitable for dogs. Wash them after every week to clean. 

To make them more effective, wash them with soda. They can also be washed in the washing machine. 

For dogs, you should choose the best material and features mat. Some of the important doormats that will benefit dogs are:

Best Outdoor Doormat For Snow

One of the best doormats for snow is a Waterhog fashion mat with a fabric border. This mat can trap both dirt and water effectively. It is made up of polypropylene fibres with a fabric border.

 Most importantly, it dries quickly, it is faded, rot, and stain-resistant. This can be used as both indoor or outdoor doormat.

Another one is M+A matting eco premier commercial grade entrance mat. These mats are made from repurposed plastic drink bottles with a non-slip backing made of rubber reclaimed from used tires.

 It can absorb about 1.5 gallons of water keeping your floors dry and safe. 

Another doormat snow is Waterhog fashion mat rubber which is available in more than five colours to match your style. It is made up of styrene-butadiene rubber with a non-slip backing and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It is the perfect mat if you are looking for durability. Also, this is available at a reasonable price and is effective for snow. 

Best Outdoor Doormat For Rain

While looking for a rain doormat keep in mind that it should be made of a weather-resistant material such as rubber. It should be able to drain water, dry quickly and trap mud and debris from shoes effectively. 

Kempf rubber scroll doormat rectangular is one of the best outdoor doormats for rain. It is attractive, super durable made from heavy-duty rubber, and also effective at water drainage. It has a wrought iron pattern which is so attractive and good-looking. 

Most importantly, it is very heavy and should be used for rainy weather. Moreover, it is available at reasonable prices.

Best Outdoor Doormat For Cleaning Shoes

Everyone wants that their house should be cleaned and the dust will not enter the house. So for leaving mud, snow, dirt, rain, and sand outside you should use a doormat with the best quality. To prevent dirt and sand particles best doormats for cleaning shoes should be used.

 Usually, doormats for cleaning shoes are made up of tough fibres that scrape away debris like coir. It also prevents mould and mildew. 

Plus haven pure coco coir doormat with heavy-duty PVC backing is designed especially for cleaning shoes. This mat is made up of heavy-duty coir with a PVC backing to keep it in place.

 The natural coir fits with almost all decor and is available in different patterns. For cleaning the house, this mat is an impressive doormat. It leaves dirt and moisture outside the house.  

Best Outdoor Doormat For Sand

Keeping debris out of your house is very suitable to keep sand doormats. While buying keep in mind that outdoor doormats for sand should be durable and have a sturdy grip. 

You should also look for that outdoor doormat that has a strong grip on holding sand. The material of which mat is made should be resistant to wear and tear, such as polyester and AstroTurf.

 Coir is an important material that can help with scraping debris. Most importantly, you should choose a mat that is easy to clean and wash. These mats are available at reasonable prices. 

Clean machine dirt trapper mat is engineered with grass-like AstroTurf blades that can grab and store sand beneath the surface until you shake the mat. It is designed for all kinds of weather and it also has a thick rubber backing that won’t budge.


It is not important whether you are at home, an office building, or industry, a need for the outdoors is always there. Because it traps dirt and moisture, prevents slipping, and protects the floor. Also helps in keeping the building clean. Always use good quality mats as they have long-lasting benefits. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of a doormat?

The primary purpose of a mat is to provide a safe surface. It prevents dirt from getting inside. Due to doormats many of the dust particles remain outside and it helps in the cleaning of the house, offices, etc. 

Why is it good for a doormat to be rough?

The roughness of a doormat makes them less slippery and helps to clean your shoes. 

How do you protect a doormat?

Before putting your new doormat out you should spray a few coats of polyurethane over it. This will help in more usage and comes out with the next season’s mats.

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