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Cricut mats are sticky mats used in Cricut machines. They hold the materials as they pass through the machine.  Normally they last for 25-40 uses but with proper cleaning and care their life can be extended to as many as 50 uses. Therefore it is important to know how to clean the Cricut mats and make it sticky.

Cricut Mat
Cricut mat

In this article, we will know some methods which can be used to clean Cricut mats and make them sticky. Note that the methods to wash mats used for different purposes may differ significantly. Fore examples the best ways to wash bathroom mats will differ from the methods prescribed below for washing Cricut mats.

How Often Should You Clean the Mat?

Well, it depends on your usage. If you use them regularly, you need to clean them more often and vice versa. Normally, the mats need cleaning after 2-3 usages which can change depending on the type of material you are using. But the loss in stickiness is a strong signal that your mat needs a cleaning.

Method 1:

You can follow any or all of the steps here to clean your mat depending on what kind of dirt is on your mat.

Scrapper Tool;

If it has large leftover pieces of debris, you can use a Scrapper tool to scrape them off. The other methods might push such particles inwards making it difficult to clean the mat.

Lint Roller;

For smaller pieces of debris that stick to the mat using a Lint Roller. You can simply roll it over the cricut mat to remove the small pieces stuck to it.

How to Clean Cricut Mats with Baby Wipes;

This is the cheapest way to clean the mats. Use 2-3 baby wipes one at a time to gently wipe the surface of the mat preferably in a circular motion making sure not to damage it. Make sure the baby wipes are alcohol-free as they can damage the stickiness of the mat.

How to Dry the Cricut Mat?

After you clean the mat, make sure to air dry it completely instead of using heat or wiping it with a towel. The heat can damage the mat by affecting its stickiness while cleaning it with a towel can cover the mat with lint.

Cricut mats

Method 2 (To clean Cricut Cake mats):

Step 1;

         Scrape it off with any type of hard plastic scraper.

Step 2;

        Wipe it with an alcohol-free baby wipe

Step 3;

          If the stickiness does not return and it needs better cleaning, put a small amount of dish soap and Luke warm water on it and scrub the surface. Don’t use a sponge until it is really soft like the Magic Eraser. You can use a soft brush though, to clean it after applying the soap and then wash it off with warm water.

Step 4;

Spraying the mat with Degreaser;

This step is necessary only if your mat has no stickiness left. The degreaser cuts through all that I son the surface to remove it but it also leaves some residue. So, repeat step 3 after spraying the mat with a degreaser. Using degreasers can also decrease the thickness of the mats.

Step 5;

Dry the mat by exposing both sides to the air. Be sure not to dry it by heating as it can damage the mat. You may hang it up for drying it better. Dry it well as the moisture left in the mat can decrease its stickiness when put to use.

Method 3:

Step 1;

Remove all the decorative pieces from the mat and then the excess gum pastes, frostings, and fondants using your fingers.

Step 2;

The decorative food sheets cut with these special Cricut machines are held onto the cutting mat with a thick layer of shortening, not a sticky mat. Once you are done cutting a sheet, scrape as much of this shortening off as possible. Plastic scrapers used to clean dishes will also work well for this.

Step 3;

Cover the mat in dish soap and warm water and scrub off the excess shortening. You can use a brush to scrub it off.  

How to Make Cricut Mat Sticky Again?

Did your mat lose its stickiness and it did not return despite cleaning? No worries, here we will know how to restore its stickiness with a little expense.

All you need is an adhesive spray of repositionable adhesive which is available with the retail craft stores. Though these products are inexpensive but each comes with a different set of instructions so make sure to read the instructions on it before buying one.

When you have got an adhesive like a quilt basting spray or a scrapbooking glue or any other adhesive just follow these simple steps to restore the stickiness of your mat:

Step 1;

Cover the edges off of your mat with painter’s tape so it does not ruin your machine after you apply the adhesive.

Step 2;

Remove the remaining stickiness from the mat else the adhesive spray will not coat the mat well. To remove the stickiness apply plain rubbing alcohol and go over it with a scraper.

Step 3;

Apply the adhesive as per the instructions given on it. You may need to brush it after spraying with adhesive or maybe not depending on the type of adhesive. Make sure to spray the adhesive evenly especially when the product does not instruct to brush it.

Step 4;

Give the adhesive 15 to 20 minutes to stick to the amt properly. Afterward, remove the tape from the side and your mat is ready for action!


Cricut mats lose stickiness as they get dirty. But with proper cleaning, their span of life can be increased and their stickiness restored. There are multiple methods to clean the Cricut mats and you can choose the method easiest for you. Some mats might not get their stickiness back even after cleaning. To restore stickiness for those mats, adhesives can be used which are of various types.


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