How to Build Your Home Gym Flooring Guide

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How to Build Your Home Gym Flooring Guide

How to build your home gym when it relates to flooring? In this article, we will go through all those details, and at the end, we will answer frequently asked questions, so you can get through all the details and minor things that most people ask by and large.  

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Types of Gym Flooring

There are about three different types of flooring that most people will consider for the home gym.

  • One and the most popular is Rubber Flooring
  • The second is an EVA foam
  • And then the third is Carpet Turf.

Rubber Flooring for Home Gym

Most people go with rubber flooring.  A rubber flooring is something that’s going to protect your foundation. So dropping weights or something like that, it’s going to allow you some extra grip when you’re squatting deadlifting and those other movements and it’s also probably one of the cheapest to use other than say EVA foam.Ru

EVA foam is going to be a little bit cheaper but it’s not going to work as well. You’ll go through that in just a moment but rubber flooring is going to be the gold standard at least what our research suggests.

You should be using rubber flooring it’s very stable it’s something that’s going to contact the surface. You don’t have to put anything underneath. With a rubber flooring, you can just roll it out and lay it on there now.

Within rubber flooring, there are a few different types you can go with.

  • One is just like square tiles
  • Others come in rectangles or some other shapes

If you are not really sure and need help in choosing then the best flooring for your dollar okay flooring is stall mats.

Stall mats are usually four by six mats. They’re three-quarter inches they weigh about a hundred pounds. They’re very cheap for what you get the value.

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Stall mats the reason being that it’s a good value it’s cheap three-quarter inches really thick. So, you don’t have to worry about your foundation or anything like that and overall they look pretty good.

For most people, a rubber stall mat is gonna be the best option. You can get them for about 40 bucks 45 bucks at most places per mat.

Benefits of Rubber Flooring for Home Gym

You lay them down they’re not going to move. You can also use some carpet tape beneath there or some other sort of adhesive to keep it on the floor.

You can use gorilla tape. But, we don’t recommend using that because you don’t like seeing the seam on top. Because they provide a little bit of mound. Most people like carpet tape underneath that’s we recommend for your gym.

You can also use rolls if you like the look a little bit better. There’s going to be fewer seams, they’re not going to move as much.

They aren’t three-quarter inches, you may think eight millimeters or three eight inches it’s quite a bit thinner? However, by experience we never had issues dropping weight on the mats.

But, if you gonna be dropping things from overhead better do it on a platform. For those who don’t want a platform then three-quarter inch is really what you should get.

However, if you’re going to do some Olympic lifting, you want a platform or you’re going to do heavy deadlifts you want to drop from the top, then also you should have a platform.

Eva Foam for Home Gym

Now there’s one thing that you should definitely not get is an EVA foam tile. Most of you guys have probably seen these in Walmart which is probably a good enough reason not to buy them because it’s just going for the general consumer you do not want foam tiles.

The reason you don’t want foam tiles is one because they’re going to collect all kinds of dust mold just nasty stuff underneath it. The other reason is that they’re going to shift and move and the third and most important reason is that they’re basically not going to allow you to stabilize during the lift.

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  • Collects all kind of dust
  • A lot of shift and move
  • Balance Problems

So, there’s that foam, it’s compressing underneath you when you lift and you’re like oh that feels kind of good.

No, you don’t want this because when you’re squatting it’s going to compress and you want as stable of a surface as possible.

When you’re squatting you want to be absolutely grounded it’s the reason that guys like Chris Duffin, world record deadlifters, thousand-pound deadlifters, still deadlift and squat without shoes because they’re trying to make as much contact with the floor as possible.

You want to be as stable as possible using something like this is squatting with running shoes and as you guys, all know we do not squat with running shoes.  

Carpet Turf for Home Gym

Turf’s got a thick foam on the bottom. It’s great for warming up. It’s great for doing short-distance sled work. It’s great for doing bounding as well as lunges.

If you have a large enough gym and you know you you’ll use it then turf is something that isn’t too expensive and easy to add.

Going with like football turf is not recommended because football turf is going to be like Astroturf also includes rubber pieces like rubber piling in the middle.

It’s not going to have a ton of foam but the main reason why you shouldn’t is that it’s scratch and feels awful. You’re not going to want to lay on it. It’s not for like that sort of use.

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It’s for using cleats on and running and you know that sort of thing so you would go with something that’s dedicated for gyms. It’s not crazy expensive but you do think it’s an unnecessary expense for most people.


What flooring should I use if I park in my garage?

Rubber stall mats are quite all right for that. Use stall mats, drive on top of them, they’re going to be fine. There’s no problem driving on top of a rubber stall mat.

How do you get rid of the smell that’s on stall mats?

Stall mats are basically recycled rubber oftentimes from tires that have been mound mashed down and then compressed into like rubber tiles. The same thing can be said for like high temp bumper plates recycled rubber. They end up smelling. You can try to apply cleaning products or you would just leave it outside for a while and let it kind of air out.

How to clean gym flooring?

If you want to do deep cleaning you use something like simple green with a deck. Brush so you pour simple green on there. Use a deck brush, scrub it and then mop it off or something like that and then let it dry out

How to cut stall mats?

A lot of people think you have to have some special device. What you need is a long like straight ruler something that’s metal and long and straight and then all you need is a box cutter, knife. Put it up there make sure it’s straightened and then just cut right into it

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