How to choose yoga mats for carpets?

When you are first learning how to do yoga, you will probably want to start out with a regular mat or one that has an extra layer of padding for comfort.

 Yoga Mat for Carpet
Yoga Mat for Carpet

You should not use your regular yoga mat on carpet, however. If your carpet is too thick and/or you need additional padding for your back or knees during poses then consider purchasing an exercise/specialized yoga mat instead as these are designed specifically with carpeted floors in mind!

Yoga mats variety of materials.

Yoga mats can be made of a variety of materials, but you will want to ensure that the one you choose has enough thickness and stickiness to work on carpet.

Yoga mats are made from a variety of different types of materials, such as rubber or PVC. If you are looking for something that is going to provide more cushioning, then you will want to choose a yoga mat that has been manufactured from natural rubber.

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However, if your focus is on durability and cost-effectiveness then synthetic rubber might be more suitable for your needs.

If you’re interested in purchasing an organic yoga mat then it’s important that you know whether or not natural latex was used in its production process because this substance can cause allergic reactions in some people who would otherwise benefit greatly from practicing yoga regularly due its ability help improve circulation throughout their bodies while also improving balance control over time.

How thick is a carpet?

Now you need to determine the thickness of the carpet. Carpet is usually between 1/2 inch to 1 inch thick, but it can be thicker in high-traffic areas and areas with heavy furniture. If you want extra cushioning and protection for your knees, opt for a mat that is 3/4” thick or more.

Yoga Mat on Carpet

If you have a thin layer of carpet under your mats, then go with something thinner like 1/8” if you don’t mind slightly less cushioning or protection from hardwood floors.

How much padding do I need for a yoga mat on carpet?

You’ll need a yoga mat with a thickness of at least 1/4 inch, but if you’re looking for extra cushioning, look for one that is 5/8 inches or more. If you are practicing in hot temperatures, however, this may not be necessary.

In addition to the thickness of your mat being important when practicing on carpeted surfaces, it’s also essential that it has a good grip so that you don’t slip while in poses like downward-facing dog or plank pose.

Which yoga mat is best for carpet?

The best yoga mat for carpet is one that is durable, has enough padding, and is eco-friendly. You can look for a sustainable yoga mat that can be used on your carpeted floors.

You can choose one from our recommendations as below:

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Most sustainable yoga mats have plenty of cushioning so they will provide comfort during practice and their lifetime guarantee means that you can use them with confidence knowing that if anything goes wrong, they’ll replace it!


To find the best yoga mat for carpet, we recommend looking at the thickness of your carpet and padding before choosing a mat that has enough thickness to be comfortable on your floor.

If you have thick carpet (more than 1/4″), or if you have thin carpet but with lots of padding underneath, then go for mats that are 5mm or more in thickness.

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