How To Clean Door Mats?

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Doormats are often ignored as the first guard against dirty and wet flooring. A clean and functional doormat can help keep your floors and other mats looking new by preventing dirt from getting on them. So, having a clean doormat saves you time and money in the long term! You don’t need to worry about how to clean door mats? Here are the easy steps to clean your dirty doormat.

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How To Clean a Dirty Doormat?

How to clean door mats

You must be thinking about how to clean door mats? For general doormat cleaning, below are the steps to follow:

  • Most material should be shaken loose on the lawn or similar open space.
  • Remove any leftover dust by vacuuming the mat with a brush attachment.
  • Clean and deodorise the mat by sprinkling baking soda on it.
  • Apply the baking soda to the mat fibres using a broom or scrub brush.
  • Use a hose to remove the baking soda or leave it on the mat until the next rain.
  • To prevent water from getting below the mat after cleaning it with water, place it against a wall or hang it to dry before re-laying it.
  • Before returning the doormat, sweep the area where it normally rests.
  • To prevent future dust from accumulating on the doormat, sweep the sidewalk or porch leading up to the entrance.
  • So that you can use it the next time you need it, make sure the vacuum brush attachment is dust-free.

Maintain A Door Mat Cleaning Schedule

  • Weekly: Shake out the doormat after sweeping or mowing the yard. A good shake removes a lot of dust and debris from your home, and you may also hit the mat against a hard surface like a sidewalk to help loosen dirt. A small vacuum cleaner rapidly vacuums the doormat to remove any remaining debris.
  • Monthly: vacuum the doormat to remove dirt that shaking alone cannot often remove. This is an excellent opportunity to check your doormat’s condition.
  • Seasonally: Depending on the manufacturer’s recommendations, outdoor doormats can be washed with a garden hose. Some harder places may require a dab of mild dish soap. This is best done annually to prepare your doormat for the weather conditions of the next season.

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Tricks For Cleaning Dirty Doormats

How To Clean Door Mats?

Every household needs a doormat to keep their home clean and hygienic. Your doormat traps dirt, dust, mud, wetness, allergies, bacteria, and filth outside, away from your clean flooring.

A dirty doormat can lose effectiveness over time, enabling allergens and bacteria to enter via shoes or boots. You can get your dirty doormats back in shape and ready to battle the harsh outdoors with a few suggestions. Here are five easy ways to clean filthy doormats:

1.) Choose The Right Mat

They come in various shapes and sizes. Choose from rubber, woven fibres such as seagrass, outdoor-friendly woods like teak, strong renewable fibres like bamboo, or coir (coconut fibres). Outdoor mats are mainly composed of coir (coconut husks).

Coir mats offer several benefits. Their abrasion removes dirt and debris from shoes and paws, unlike rubber mats, which become brittle and break when exposed to sub-zero temperatures (as in Chicago). This makes them excellent for usage in all weather conditions.

Coconut husk mats are also more eco-friendly. Coconut trees don’t need to be chopped down to collect their fruits, eliminating waste and maintaining material sustainability. Coconut oil is inherently moulded and mildew resistant, and the woven material is fully biodegradable when the doormat is no longer needed. Whatever mat you pick, make sure it’s broad enough to cover the whole entryway and stand on with both feet simultaneously.

2.) Shake it up!

Like everything exposed to the outdoors, outdoor doormats gather dust, grass, and pollen. In damp climates, moist leaves or dirt can become crushed into the mat’s fibres, and in winter, snow and road salt can do the same.

To prevent dirt buildup, give your mats a good shake before washing them. Choose a dry day or keep the mats out of the rain for a few hours before shaking them out to help loosen any particles or dirt.

Deodorize the mat by shaking or beating it, then vacuum it with a handheld vacuum or suction attachment to remove any leftover dirt.

3.) Wash Your Doormat

While shaking and vacuuming your mat daily would suffice, there may be occasions when it needs a thorough clean. A hose, a stiff-bristled scrub brush, and baking soda will be useful here.

Mix baking soda and water on the mat. Scrub the paste into the doormat’s fibres. For tougher stains, add dishwashing detergent and mix up a lather with the scrub brush. Rinse the mat and hang it up, place it on an angle, or lay it flat to dry.

Baking soda is an all-natural antimicrobial that may be used to scrape away stubborn dirt. To minimise mould or moisture buildup, ensure the mat is thoroughly dry before reinstalling it.

4.) Under Pressure

Most outdoor doormats may be cleaned using a portable pressure washer or a garden hose nozzle. Follow the manufacturer’s directions, test a small portion to check it’s safe, and then go for it. Pressure washing removes debris, filth, and stains, leaving your outdoor doormats looking as new as when you bought them.

5.) Doormat Cleaning

Apply your favourite eco-friendly antibacterial or antimicrobial spray between cleanings to keep germs and viruses off your doormat. It won’t stop all bacteria, mould, or mildew, but it will help destroy germs and clean your doormat. Doormats aren’t made to endure forever.

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Some mats with lengthy lengths can harm washing machines. So, how to clean door mats? The cleaning doormat is very easy if you follow our guide. Replace your doormats if they are frayed. After all, you don’t want a doormat that collects garbage in your home.

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