The Best Outdoor Mat That Doesn’t Hold Water 2022

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The Best Outdoor Mat That Doesn’t Hold Water

Doormats are meant to protect your floor from dirt and mud. So to get the best results you should choose outdoor mats that don’t hold water.

Don’t worry we will provide you with the best available list of such mats to save your time and money.

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Rubber Scroll Doormat Half Moon

It is an aesthetic choice for your front or back door, porch, and deck. It is made up of 100 percent recycled rubber which guarantees resistance against harsh weather.

It comes in standard size and easily fits where you want to put it.

  • Elegant design

  • Efficiently captures dust and mud

  • Easy to clean

  • Anti-Slip surface

  • Reasonable Price

  • Less suitable for places with a lot of traffic

Gorilla Grip Natural Rubber Doormat

This mat is specially designed to absorb dust and mud. In addition, it is also stylish in looks hence adding to the aesthetics as well. It can easily be cleaned with a vacuum. It also dries quickly.

Its weight is around 2 pounds and its dimension is 17.8×4.1×3.5 inches.

  • Absorbs dust and moisture efficiently

  • Durable

  • Aesthetic Design

  • Firm grip on floor

  • Easy to clean

  • It is a little bit thin but still longlasting

Coseyearn Large Doormats

These large water and dust-absorbing doormats are made up of high-quality PVC materials and are BPA-free as well. It is easy to clean via vacuum and air dry moist.

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Its weight is around 3.89 pounds and its dimension is 46x35x0.45 inches.

  • Easy to clean—vacuum dust and air dry moist

  • BPA and phthalate free.

  • Its soft surface prevents slipping.

  • Efficiently captures dust and mud

  • Since it is thick it may take a while to dry

This mat not only lets water through but also restricts dust, debris, or mud from shoes to destroy your clean floors. Its design and composition make it the best fit for harsh weather.

  • Dries quickly

  • Easy to clean

  • Non-slip

  • Efficient drainage

  • Resist Rusting

  • May not be budget friendly

Sierra Concepts Front Door Mat

This is another good quality water that doesn’t hold water. It prevents moisture leaks and is composed of high-quality polyester and recycled PVC.

Its weight is 4.2 pounds and its dimension is 17x30x0.25 inches.

  • Non Sliding

  • Easy to clean

  • Stylish look

  • Water resisting material

  • Not a best fit for snowy areas, since its too much for it to handle

HOMWE Front Door Mats

It’s an all-weather mat and is the best fit for high-traffic areas. It is latex-free and can hold up to 7 ounces of water. It works on all types of floors including tile, hardwood, or linoleum.

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Its weight is 3.43 pounds and its dimension is 17.7×4.7×4.7 inches.

  • Easy to clean

  • Reasonable Price

  • Water resisting and absorbent

  • Anti-Slip surface

  • The black rubber can sometimes leave a mark

Dll Rubber Doormats

Another high-quality and tough doormat that doesn’t hold water is Dll Rubber Doormats. It is also anti-slip and is made up of high-quality PVC material.

It is perfect for side doors, garages, back porches, and front doors.

Its weight is 5.25 pounds and its dimension is 30.19×18.58×1 inches

  • Effectively traps dust and mud

  • Aesthetic design

  • Drains water efficiently

  • Longlasting

  • Its sophisticated design makes it a bit hard to clean but manageable

Gorilla Grip Original Low profile Rubber Doormats:

It is the best fit for both indoor and outdoor use. It comes and many colors and sizes, thus you can opt what you are exactly looking for.

Its weight is around 1.79 pounds and its dimension is 29x17x0.5 inches.

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  • Many sizes and color options

  • Water and stain-resistant

  • Can be used for both indoor and outdoor

  • Easy to clean

  • Only suitable for small traffic areas

  • Medium Durability

Mibao Durable Doormats

It is made up of all-natural rubbers which guarantee high durability. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor and comes in 4 stylish colors with welcome patterns.

Its weight is 4.04 pounds and its dimension is 36x24x0.01 inches.

  • 100 percent odor-free rubber

  • Non Slip material

  • Strong grip on Floor

  • Safe materials—Eco-friendly

  • No Warranty

Achim Home Furnishing Rubber Door-Mat

This is another high-quality doormat that guarantees protection against dust, mud, and snow. It is durable and easy to clean. You can rinse it with a garden hose or air-dry. It is made up of rubber and is environmentally friendly.

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Its weight is 1 pound and its dimension is 18×0.5×30 inches.

  • Anti-slip surface

  • Durable and Longlasting

  • Easy to cleam

  • Eco-Friendly

  • Not suitable for all weather

DEXI Durable Front Door Mat:

It is also a great doormat that doesn’t hold water. It effectively captures dirt, dust, and sand keeping your floor clean and shiny.

Its weight is 1.98 pounds and its dimension is 29x17x0.01 inches.

  • Durable and strong

  • Captures and retains debris and dust efficiently

  • Environment friendly

  • Easy to clean

  • Not Suitable for heavy rain or snow

  • Only suits for moderate weather conditions

Durable Corporation Rubber Entrance Mat

This mat also doesn’t hold water. Its bottom is designed in such a way to provide maximum grip on the floor. It is available in 3 variants namely black, blue and grey.

This rubber mat weight is 3.6 pounds and the dimension is 24x16x0.01 inches.

  • Water resisting and Durable

  • Easy to clean

  • Anti Slip

  • Provides strong grip on the floor

  • Mild rubber odor

DII Natural Coir Welcome Door Mat:

This water-resistant doormat comes in 13 unique designs providing you ample choices to choose from. It is equally suitable for high-traffic areas, shop fronts, garages, and laundry rooms.

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The available size option is 18×30 which is a standard fit for all listed above.

  • Easy to clean

  • More than 13 different designs

  • Aesthetic Style

  • Thick and Durable

  • Comes in standard size only


Mats that don’t hold water should be preferred as outdoor mats. The list provided is designed to provide maximum support to save your time and money to choose exactly what you need.

In short, you should consider drainage capability, durability, design, and the budget you have while considering a purchase of an outdoor mat.


Are outdoor mats waterproof?

Outdoor mats are water-resistant as compared to indoor mats. They dry quickly and are also easier to dust off. But, they are not waterproof at all.

What type of doormat is best for outside?

Rubber or Coir mats are best for outside door mats since they are water-resistant, strong, and durable to persist in harsh weather as well.

Do Coir door mats hold water?

Yes, besides rubber mats coir doormats also hold water. DII Natural Coir Welcome Door Mat is a coir mat that holds water.

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