The Top 5 Gym Mats For Home in 2022

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It doesn’t matter how great your home gym is if you don’t have a gym mat for home yet. You’ll be able to keep your balance while spinning on these thick mats. We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 gym mats for home:

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5 Best Gym Mats For Home 2022

Gym Mats For Home

1 – BalanceFrom Tri-Fold Exercise Mat

In addition to aerobics and martial arts, BalanceFrom’s Tri-Fold Exercise Mat is foldable. This mat is 2 feet wide and 6 feet long, ideal for modest rooms. That is, you may need many to cover your entire gym floor. Its tiny size makes it easy to store and travel. Notably thicker than typical home gym mats at 1.5 inches. It’s lined with EVA foam and wrapped in puncture-proof vinyl. This makes it tough and simple to clean with soap and water.

  • Extra-thick layout
  • EVA foam
  • Foldable
  • Only one thickness choice
  • Vinyl can be slippery.

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2 – Rubber-Cal Shark Tooth Heavy Duty Mat

A tough mat like this Rubber-Cal selection is required for heavy-duty barbells, weight racks, and equipment. This 0.75-inch thick mat is constructed of 100% recycled tyre crumbs, as sturdy and weather-resistant as new tyres. The mat comes in three sizes, so you should be able to choose one that suits your needs.

To make your workout area safe and fun, choose rubber flooring. The mat protects floors from damage caused by high-impact and abrasive applications. It also provides appropriate cushioning for joint comfort and stability throughout any workout. It also cleans up easily.

  • Heavy-duty and weather-resistant
  • Made of recycled rubber
  • Available in three sizes
  • Likely to flaking

3 – IncStores Thick Premium Rubber Floor Mat

If you like the longevity of a rubber mat, IncStores has the best mat for you. The mat is made of 100% recycled vulcanized rubber and is meant to protect your flooring from heavy equipment and plyometric training. The double-sided mat comes in various thicknesses and should withstand severe use. The nonporous rubber composition makes it easy to clean with soap and water. It’s also easy to dust, sweep, and vacuum. Place the mat where you want it, roll it out, and you’re ready to go.

  • Made from durable rubber
  • The surface is easy to clean.
  • Available in multiple colours
  • Only one size option

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4 – Tadpoles Wood Grain Playmat Set

This Tadpoles playmat is a great choice if your kids like playing indoors. The odourless, phthalate-free, lead-free EVA foam structure. The mat is soft enough to cushion knees and elbows in a fall yet tough enough to sustain everyday use.

A single pack provides a 16-square-foot sheltered play area. The interlocking puzzle piece design allows you to mix numerous packs of tiles into a single configuration.

  • EVA foam
  • Easy to clean
  • Puzzle-like style
  • Can tear over time

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5 – GXMMAT Extra Large Exercise Mat

Many individuals prefer one huge mat when working out in a carpeted space since it is less shifting and more stable. The GXMMAT Exercise Mat is easy to roll out and has an extra-large surface area for all forms of aerobic, core, and weight training activities.

The mat has non-slip surfaces on both sides, making it suitable for use without shoes. It also has 7-millimetre memory foam for comfort and support. It has three Velcro straps and a carrying bag for simple roll-up and storage.

  • Two-sided anti-slip surface
  • Only one piece for easy transport
  • Velcro straps
  • Carrying bag
  • Only available in one size
  • Only one thickness option

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What To Look For In A Home Gym Floor?

Gym Mats For Home
Gym Mats For Home


Rubber flooring will be best for you to get a durable mat for your home gym. Vinyl and carpet aren’t nearly as shock-absorbing as rubber and grass.

Type Of Exercise

Rubber or foam flooring is superior at absorbing impact than carpet, vinyl, or grass for high-intensity exercises like jumping rope or weight training. You may use them to support exercise bikes and treadmills, as well as yoga mats.

Your Space Dimensions

Having a square or rectangular room gives you a wide range of possibilities. On the other hand, Garage gyms are often cluttered with uneven walls, water heaters, and other obstacles. Find material like rubber flooring that is easy to cut.


Rubber gym flooring is the only practical solution for all sorts of training. It’s the most long-lasting, cleanest, and simplest to set up. Additionally, it shields your flooring from damage.

Noise Dampening

When a barbell is dropped from above, it produces a lot of noise. The sound can be muted by laying down a thick layer of rubber flooring. Some individuals even cushion deadlift locations with additional mats to reduce noise.


The cost of rubber flooring might vary greatly. Foam is the cheapest flooring option for a home gym, whereas turf is more costly. In addition, keep in mind that different firms and online retailers sell mats for home gyms as per foot, per roll, and so on.

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Choosing your home gym flooring should consider the sorts of exercises you want to conduct. If you’re looking for a gym floor that can handle a lot of wear and tear, these top 5 gym mats for home are the best option for you. It’s important to consider the type of exercises you want to perform in your new home gym before making a final decision. You may have to trim your home gym flooring if it doesn’t fit correctly due to the size of your home gym.

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